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The whole process of our company's incineration system comes from Europe, and it is the most mature and stable mainstream process in the world. With the help of Tongji University's international cooperation channels, the company began international cooperation in 1999. In 1999, it cooperated with Japan's Yuedao Machinery Co., Ltd. to build a 30t/d aviation waste incineration project at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. For Austrian Energy and Environment Co., Ltd. (AE&E). So far, the foreign environmental protection companies that cooperate with our company include Germany (NEWTEC, DURR), Switzerland (CTU, EGLI), Singapore (ECOWATER), etc. Our company has completely digested the international leading level of rotary kiln incinerator in the cooperation process. The process, combined with China's national conditions, on the premise of satisfying the system's reliable operation and stable performance, optimizes the design and equipment supply channels, screens out a number of domestic qualified quality suppliers, and improves the cost-effective advantages of the whole system.
In cooperation with Swiss CTU Company to complete the 60t/d industrial hazardous waste incineration system of Xinjiang PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, the basic design of the project was completed by CTU Company of Switzerland, in which our company dispatched 2 engineers to participate in Switzerland for 3 months. After completing the basic design, the technical team of our company transformed and completed all the detailed design work of the project and the supply of complete sets of equipment. The dispatched technical team manages the project construction and provides technical guidance and services for the installation, commissioning, training and acceptance process of the device. The device has been put into operation since 2012, and various environmental indicators have reached the EU 2000 and relevant national emission standards. Reliable, with more than 300 days of normal operation.
After completing the Dushanzi project, our company successfully built the 60t/d mud hazardous waste incineration system of Zhejiang Huaqing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. The project features that the process control has reached international level, the operation is stable, and various environmental protection indicators have reached the EU 2010 emission standards. However, the cost of the Dushanzi project has been reduced, which means that our understanding of the rotary kiln incineration system has reached an international level.