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Business Scope
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1. One of the earliest companies engaged in EPC services for hazardous waste incineration projects in China;
2. It has strong technical support platforms of Tongji University and National Engineering Research Center for urban pollution control;
3. Absorb and digest the first-class hazardous waste incineration process package in Europe, such as AE & E in Austria (1998) and CTU in Switzerland (2008);
4. The types of domestic incineration waste (Comprehensive hazardous waste, petrochemical, pharmaceutical chemical, pesticide chemical, medical waste, dead animals, airport waste, high salt waste liquid, process waste gas, etc.) are complete;
5. Furnace types (grate furnace, rotary kiln, gasifier, cracking furnace, waste liquid furnace, fluidized bed, melting furnace, etc.) are rich and diverse, and more than 50 projects have been put into operation or under construction;
6. It has rich experience in the design, construction and operation of comprehensive hazardous waste disposal center (shareholders of hazardous waste incineration disposal center of Xingyue environmental protection service company in Minhang Industrial Zone from 1998 to 2010, investors of Sichuan Panzhihua hazardous waste disposal center from 2005 to 2012, investors of Hunan Yiyang medical waste disposal center from 2005 to 2015 and shareholders of Hubei Shiyan hazardous waste disposal center from 2019);
7. The core team of the company comes from international top universities (such as the University of California, Berkeley), large design institutes (such as Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company), well-known engineering companies in the hazardous waste disposal industry, international famous hazardous waste incineration operation companies (such as Suez group), etc.