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Sludge treatment and resource utilization
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BSG has more than ten years of technical experience in sludge treatment and comprehensive utilization. It has developed a variety of sludge disposal and recycling technologies aimed at oily sludge (including landing sludge, tank cleaning sludge, etc.) produced in the process of oil extraction and transportation, drilling sludge produced by shale gas
extraction, residual activated sludge produced by refinery and chemical firms, oil trap scum, tank bottom sludge, wharf ship clearance sludge and other sludge with varying degrees of oil content.



1.Skid-mounted integrated equipment for sludge deoiling and dewatering. Applicable conditions: Sludge with high moisture content.
Process: Feeding -> pretreatment -> cleansing -> solid-liquid separation -> oil-water separation.
2.Fixed or mobile equipment for thermal desorption and pyrolysis of sludge.
Applicable conditions: Sludge with low moisture content (such as oil sludge stock produced by oil and natural gasextraction).
Process: Excavation -> crushing -> feeding -> pyrolysis -> spray -> oil-water separation.
3.Combined process of sludge dewatering, drying and incineration.
Applicable conditions: Co-disposal of low oil sludge and high calorific value solid-liquid hazardous waste to reduce operating costs.
Process: Sludge concentration -> centrifugal dewatering -> drying (thin layer or blade drying) -> incineration (incineration with other high calorific value hazardous wastes) -> waste heat utilization -> flue gas cleansing.