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Treatment of medicalaste and deadanimals
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Medical waste and diseased animals carry contagion risks; the process management from source generation, transportation to disposal is very strict, as it is necessary to minimize waste contact with staff. Therefore, our design, starting from entry of the waste into the plant, through the discharge, temporary storage, transfer and feeding processes, is to maximize the use of automatic mechanical operation.
Medical waste are sealed using special-purpose plastic bags and protected by a trolley, the feeding system has fully automated conveyance, unloading, trolley cleaning, disinfection and air drying processes, the entire line is covered by an enclosure and equipped with a disinfection system to minimize pathogen transmission risk .
Diseased animals are stored in a sealed silo, transported and shredded automatically, powered by a high-performance vanen pump, and transported to the treatment device in a wholey sealed pipeline, to minimize pathogen transmission risk.
The biosafe disposal process for medical waste are as follows: Incineration, steam sterilization, microwave sterilization, chemical treatment, etc. We mainly use incineration treatment methods, including continuous rotary kiln oxygen-enriched incineration process, continuous pyrolysis gasification process, batch pyrolysis gasification process, etc.
The biosafe disposal process for diseased animals are as follows: Incineration and chemical treatment, etc. The first set of diseased livestock and poultry incineration plant in China, Shanghai Punan biosafe disposal Station, was designed, supplied,installed, commissioned and verified by our company.
After the hot flue gas produced by incinerated medical waste and diseased animals is recovered and reused, it then enters the flue gas purification system and emitted after being decontaminated to achieve standards.