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Hazardous waste incineration in chem icalenterprises
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Pharmaceutical and pesticide chemical enterprises have a wide range of products, diversified processes and rapid technological renewal, which produce many kinds of hazardous wastes in production and operation, with complex components and difficult disposal processes. The main hazardous waste of the industry include: Solid, liquid and viscous materials, etc. In addition, the composition of the waste gas (VOCs) is complex and is difficult to dispose of.In accordance with the production and waste situation of customer companies, combined with waste water and gas emission requirements, we formulate customized incineration and waste gas disposal plans to ensure safe and stable disposal of waste, consistent meeting of emission standards, and enhance the overall competitiveness of clients.

Disposal scheme of waste gas (VOCs)

1.Thermal Oxidizer (TO): uses customized horizontal or vertical incinerators to incinerate and dispose of high
temperature flue gas.
2.Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO): uses regenerative incineration technology to incinerate VOCs in flue gas at
high temperature.
3.Physical adsorption technology: adsorption with activated carbon or resin.
4.Wet scrubbing technology: scrubbing tower is used to remove organic matter from waste gas.


The picture above shows the waste gas incinerator (German Degussa Company in Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone)


Hazardous waste incineration technology

1.Quantity of disposal: Use of customized incinerator, disposal volume in the range of 10 tons / day-100 tons / day;
2.Type of disposal: Solid / liquid / gas waste can be treated separately, or designed to be incinerated together in an
integrated liquid and gas incinerator or solid, liquid and gas incinerator.
3.Type of furnace: The rotary kiln + secondary combustion chamber, vertical waste incinerator or horizontal waste
incinerator can be used.
4.Denitrification technology: Selective non-catalytic reduction of (SNCR), can be used for selective catalytic reduction
of (SCR), or low temperature oxidation technology.
5.Deacidification technology: Dry deacidification (hydrated lime or ground baking soda), semi-dry deacidification or
wet deacidification technology.


The picture above shows the Gaotai waste gas incinerator in Changshu High-tech Zone.

Special waste incineration technology

1.High sulfur / chlorine hazardous waste incineration technology: A customized incinerator is used to dispose of
high-sulfur/chlorine hazardous waste, with a sulfur content of up to 10% and/or a chlorine content of up to 25%. While
disposing of hazardous waste, acid can be recycled.
2.Incineration technology for high salt waste: A customized incineration system is used to solve the problems of salt
waste incineration, waste heat recovery and flue gas treatment (such as slagging, strong corrosion, flue blockage,
etc.), so as to achieve safe, stable and long-term operation.


The picture above shows the waste liquid (gas) incinerator (Hangzhou Allsino Pharmaceutical)